Tommy Johnson


   Using a paint knife and his fingers to create textures, Tommy Johnson, has been described as the next Neiman, Pollack and MAX all in one.  Admired as a sports lacrosse artist, Johnson is so much more.  He creates his own unique universe using smooth splattering, rough swirling drips and brilliant colors.  He renders what he sees in the world, what we all see...but the way he sees it specifically.

    There are no accidents, as he is always in command with his observations, while being true to nature in his own way.  He allows his unconscious to express itself, releasing his imagination and making his art very personal.  Intuition, creative impulse, and a sense of order leads towards the magic he creates on canvas.  One can only imagine how he sees everything passing so fast around him, a thoughtful reflection of action, power and speed.  He is Tommy Johnson, the LAX artist, the PAINTER and we are proud to introduce him to you.

Available in a multitude of sizes and themes, for information on purchasing and pricing on an original - contact Tommy Johnson at

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